Can I order custom stickers for all Macbook models?

Definitely yes! Apple logo has the same dimensions on all Macbooks including 11″, 13″ and 15″ models. The same applies to even old white Macbooks.

Is it difficult to place a custom sticker on a Macbook?

No, not at all. Every sticker comes on a transfer paper with a set of instructions and a printed outline. With some patience and care, it is really easy.

Is it hard to remove the sticker? Does it damage my Macbook?

Definitely not. It is really easy to remove the sticker when you want to do so. Every sticker is made from high quality vinyl that has water based adhesive character. It doesn’t leave any kind of marks or stickiness.

What are the stickers made from?

Stickers are made from premium quality self-adhesive Oracal 751C High Performance Cast PVC film.

Are the stickers reusable?
Unfortunately, once stickers are removed it’s impossible to use them again.
What are the payment options?

During the checkout, you can pay with your Visa and Mastercard securely through Stripe. Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal with your account or with your card (if you don’t have a PayPal account).

How safe is it to make a purchase on this website?

We use PayPal and Stripe as payment gateways. Our website is SSL-secured which means every payment is safe, secure and encrypted.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

Do you deliver to my country?

We can deliver worldwide. Shipping is free of charge.

How long is the delivery?

After your confirmation and payment, we produce and ship your order in 3 business days under normal circumstances.

Delivery takes maximum 2 business days for Sweden, 3 to 6 business days for Europe and 8 to 10 business days for the rest of the world.